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SA0018 (M-E) Hoof Trimming Crush Chute For Cows

Fully galvanized manual hoof trimming crush to treat claws from cow or cattle which is pushed from behind into the crush. Delivery time normally not longer than 2 weeks.

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Product Description

The model SA0018 from WOPA is a full galvanized manual hoof trimming crush. To treat cow or cattle, the user pushes the cow or cattle from behind into the SA0018 and fastens the cow or cattle to the front. The SA0018 comes with slowed-down and secured winches for the back legs and the belly band to ensure the hoof trimmer with more safety when hoof trimming. Also, equipped with a ball-bearing roller, rump chain, heel belt, 38mm thick wooden floor, tilting pipe and front leg supports.

Delivery time normally not longer than 2 weeks. Ideal for small herds and needs only a single operator. A low-cost solution!

The cow or cattle must leave the SA0018 hoof trimming crush backwards. If you are looking for a walk-through model, we suggest the SA0026 hoof trimming crush.


Product features at a glance


  • Fully hot-dip galvanized
  • Manual hoof trimming crush
  • Cow or cattle leaves the crush backwards
  • Slowed-down and secured winches for the back legs and the belly band
  • A low-cost solution!
  • Delivery time normally not longer than 2 weeks

Standard options

  • Slowed-down and secured winches
  • Belly band
  • Nylon leg strap
  • Front leg supports
  • Wooden floor (38 mm thick)

Available Options

  • Fixing attachment to fasten the back legs
  • Back bar with gas springs for better fixation of back legs
  • Floor wideners
  • Rubber floor mattress
  • Metal gates (2 m) at end of crush
  • Alloy gates (2 m) at end of crush
  • Wide belly band (with or without rubber)
  • Front leg support holders with hand winches
  • Transport wheel + holders for transport on farm
  • Small transport tires for transport on farm
  • Front gate operating attachment
  • Electric motor for back leg and front leg (heavy duty)
  • Tool tray, flex holder, cable reel and power sockets (220V)


  • Length: 200 cm; Width: 100 cm; Height: 200 cm; Weight: 190 kg


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