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SA0022 (M+E) Hoof Trimming Crush Chute For Cows

Fully galvanized manual hoof trimming crush to treat claws from cow or cattle with a walk-through gate. Delivery time normally not longer than 2 weeks.

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Product Description

The model SA0022 from WOPA is a full hot-dip galvanized manual hoof trimming crush. The cow or cattle enters the crush from the back and after trimming, the cow or cattle leaves the SA0022 through the front gate; walk-through hoof trimming chute. The SA0022 come with a safety wind-up device for the back legs and the belly support to ensure the hoof trimmer with more safety when hoof trimming. Also, standard equipped with a ball-bearing roller, rump chain, heel belt, 38mm thick wooden floor, tilting pipe and front leg supports. Delivery time normally not longer than 2 weeks.


Product features at a glance

  • Fully hot-dip galvanized
  • Manual hoof trimming crush
  • The cow or cattle leaves the crush through the front gate (walk-through gate)
  • Safety wind-up device for the back legs and the belly support
  • Delivery time normally not longer than 2 weeks

Standard options

  • Belly band
  • Slowed-down winches for leg straps and belly band
  • Front legs support
  • Wooden floor (38 mm thick)

Available Options

  • Front hoof support set with winch for cattle crush
  • Auxiliary axle with lever for the treatment crush
  • Axel winch box (delayed winch)
  • Rump bar handle (heavy) rump bar
  • W bracket
  • Fixing attachment to fasten the back leg to the treatment crush
  • Rubber mat for treatment crush installed
  • Belly strap wide for treatment crush
  • Set of transport wheels (air-filled tyres)
  • Floor expansion set
  • Attachment to assemble nodd gates to the trimming crush
  • Iron nodd gate for cattle crush
  • Tool tray
  • Cable Reel
  • Electric socket tool holder dbl white
  • Front hoof support hoist for trimming crush
  • Electric motor for back legs 230V
  • Electric motor for belly strap 230V
  • Electric motor for front legs 230V


  • Length: 200 cm; Width: 100 cm; Height: 200 cm; Weight: 215 kg


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