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SA0038 (M-E) All-rounder Hoof Trimming Crush Chute

Fully galvanized manual hoof trimming crush to treat claws from cow or cattle with a walk-through gate. Equipped with 6 doors allowing to treat the cow from all sides. For example, drying, insemination, vaccinations, caesarean section, etc.

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Product Description

The SA0038 is an all-rounder hoof trimming crush developed in cooperation with a milk robot manufacturer. Goal of the SA0038 crush is for the milk robot farmer to be able to do all the treatments with a cow which normally are done in the milking parlour. Hence, the SA0038 comes with doors and openings in all sizes allowing the user to easily and safely treat the cow. And of course, you can also use the SA0038 as a hoof trimming crush.

The SA0038 comes in two versions. The manual treatment crush and a version equipped with electric engines for the front- and back legs and the belly band. The pictures above show the manual version.

Product features at a glance

  • Developed for farmers with milk robot, to make treatments like insemination, caesarean, spray and drying more easy
  • Manual winches for legs and belly band
  • Doors and openings in all sizes
  • This crush also can be equipped with electric engines for the front and back legs and the belly band

Standard options

  • Front gate operating lever
  • Manual back leg winch
  • Manual belly band winch
  • Front leg support
  • Rear gate
  • Front gate
  • Side gates
  • Head lift


  • Length: 236 cm; Width: 150 cm; Height: 235 cm; Weight: 480 kg


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