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The SA0051 Quad-Drive hydraulic hoof trimming crush is a self driven crush with 4 wheels. Steering is done with a joystick on the side of the chute. This chute is designed for trimming cows at different locations and therefore a fast setup needs to be possible. This crush is very fast and comes with many options available. Specially developed for professional hoof trimmers, the crush is well-suited for both dairy cows and beef cattle. The crush is highly customizable and comes with various options. Heavy duty hydraulic hooftrimming crush.

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The SA0051 Quad-Drive is a hydraulic, walk-through hoof trimming crush which is self driven and has 4 wheels. Transport of this chute is done on a machine transporter trailer which CowCare can deliver with the chute.

The big plus of the SA0051 Quad-Drive in comparence with the standard SA0051 is its speed in setting up. You arrive at the client open the ramp of you trailer and you drive in the barn with your chute. Faster is almost not possible.

This makes the SA0051 Quad-Drive ideal for a professional hoof trimmer; designed for work at large dairy farms at different locations.

The SA0051 Quad-Drive is equipped in such a way, that one person can easily lead a cow into the crush. The 4 self propulsed wheels allow a quick set-up time as well as an easy transport. Further, the belly band is made of flexible material and adjusts itself to the chest of the cow.

In addition, a patented back bar system ensures an increased back leg fixation.The back bar system handles the weight on the cow’s hind legs better and ensures a stronger leg fixation while trimming. The build on hydraulic functions ensure more ease when fixating the legs and cow.

The height of the crush is 1.95 meters and the inside space is big enough for both dairy and meat cows. Against an added price the crush can be supplied with disc brakes. Disc brakes can be cleaned easier and need less maintenance than drum brakes.

Product features at a glance

  • Hydraulic crush
  • Walk-through crush
  • Hydraulic front gates and back bar
  • Fast and comes with many options customizable

Standard options

  • Front gates
  • Front leg support
  • Electrical connection cable
  • Folding gate
  • Hydraulic front gate
  • Hydraulic belly band
  • Hydraulic back bar
  • Hydraulic front leg support
  • Hydraulic back leg winch

Available Options

  • This hoof trimming crush can be equipped with many different extensions and options. Please, contact one of our team members and we will help you customize the crush so it fully fulfills your needs.

General features

  • Mobile chassis with 4 wheels and own propulsion.
  • Elevator 30 centimeter.
  • Flowdivider 5,7 CC
  • Anti kick plates between front and back legs
  • Extra 15 centimeter height in crush.
  • Large hook for back legs.
  • W form on hydraulic back bar.
  • Good manoeuvrability
  • Easy to manoeuvre at the farm and in the barn
  • Tracks make the oof trimming crush less wide
  • Easy drive over steps
  • Set-up with very little physical effort
  • 24V battery operation system

What makes this chute special?

This crush with mobile chassis can be easily driven on a machine transport trailer with closed tailgate. It makes loading and unloading the chute extremely fast and also driving into the barn is easy with the joystick on the crush.


  • Inside: Length: 210 cm; Width: 175 cm; Height: 200 cm
  • Outside: Length: 329 cm; Width: 175 cm; Height: 240 cm
  • Weight: 1050 kg
  • Max. Weight: 1350 kg

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