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The hydraulic hoof trimming chute SA0061 TRACK DRIVE has the frame and the technology of the SA0061 RAPID SETUP. And ideal chute for hoof trimmers which want to have a fully equipped hoof trimming chute on a trailer.

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The SA0061 TRACK DRIVE is an adjusted version of the SA0061 RAPID SETUP hoof trimming chute. The major difference is that the SA0061TD has no draw bar and no axle. As the name already says, this SA0061 model is equipped with a track drive, which makes it ideal to move in small spaces. It can easy go over obstacles and it can drive itself on and off a trailer. Also in sandy places it can drive itself in and out.

The SA0061TD should be transported on a trailer. We can deliver you a custom made trailer for the SA0061TD if you wish, with an European COC certificate with it. With the COC certificate you can get a numberplate anywhere in the European Union.

Because of the tracks it is also possible to take extra gates with you. This saves you a lot of time and energy.

For a full overview of all possible options on the SA0061TD hoof trimming chute we could send you the price quotation. Feel free to contact us and we will advice you if this chute is suitable for your business.

Product features at a glance

  • Hydraulic hoof trimming crush
  • Frame of the SA0051
  • Patented system
  • Heavier than the SA0051 (900 kg)
  • Fold-up floor which supports greatly simplifying cleaning
  • Really fast conversion from transport setup to operating setup

Standard options

  • Hydraulic front gates
  • Front leg support
  • Electrical connection cable
  • Folding gate
  • Hydraulic rear gate
  • Hydraulic back leg lifting
  • Hydraulic belly band
  • Hydraulic back bar
  • Tracks (hydraulic)

Available Options

  • This hoof trimming crush can be equipped with many different extensions and options. Please, contact one of our team members and we will help you customize the crush so it fully fulfills your needs.

General features

  • Increased stability of the cattle crush
  • Good manoeuvrability (zero turn radius possible)
  • Easy to manoeuvre at the farm and in the barn
  • Tracks make the hoof trimming crush less wide
  • Easy drive over steps
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Better weight distribution
  • Set-up with very little physical effort
  • 24V battery operation system
  • High pressure cleaning in the dark with the LED lights on and all functions can be controlled during the cleaning without using the 10 meter power cable
  • Easier implement hookup waiting room
  • Great traction


  • Lenght 182 cm
  • Width 162 cm
  • Height 220 cm
  • Height on track wheels 220-250 cm
  • Weight 1350/1400 kg
  • 24 V battery operation system

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