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Spray Repiderma for Cow Treatment and Hoof Care

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Repiderma is a skin-protecting spray that provides an immediate effect. The product contains active ingredients, in the form of micronized chelated minerals which penetrate deeply into the skin in a short time for the treatment of different diseases of cow and cattle.

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Repiderma is a protective derma spray and skin care product for all types of animals. It is made of chelated minerals which, in contrast to traditional minerals, can be absorbed much more easily by the skin. Through those attributes, Repiderma is not only active ‘on’ the skin, but also ‘on and in’ the skin (epidermis and dermis).

Repiderma intensifies this absorbing process through micronizing its chelated minerals by the use of latest techniques. The minerals are ground to minuscule particles of 3 μm, what is 25,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. Consequently, the particles are able to penetrate deeply into the skin in a short space of time, so that it can also perform its task there.

Repiderma is a skin care product with an immediate effect on, under and within the skin. The ingredients are chelated minerals which – unlike traditional minerals – can be absorbed easily by the skin. Therefore, Repiderma is not only active ‘on’ the skin, but also ‘under and within’ the skin. This process is intensified because the chelated minerals are micronized, using the latest nanotechnology techniques.

Repiderma can be used on dairy cattle, horses, sheep and pigs. The product can be used in every situation where infections have to be prevented and where weak spots in the epidermis or the skin can use a boost.


Product features at a glance

  • Antibiotic-free
  • Hoof-fit gel in an aerosol
  • Suitable for both therapeutic and prophylactic use
  • Active on, under and within the skin
  • Compact structure which does not run off and forms a layer, to ensure good contact with the skin
  • Field studies on cattle, cows and piglets confirm the mode of action
  • Contains chelated organic micronized (< 3 micron) minerals (Cu & Zn), which are active “up”, “under” and “within” the skin
  • Zn is used in the product for its positive effect on recovery of the epithelium and Cu for its anti-microbial properties (to eliminate micro-organisms causing infections) and wound repair with a different mechanism (stimulation of new blood vessel formation)
  • Each bottle (250 ml) is suitable for approximately 90-100 treatments
  • 1 Box contains 12 bottles


Instructions for use

Clean the claw thoroughly before treatment! Use a hoof cleaner or similar tools to remove dirt and excrement. Keep cleaning until the claw and wound seems clean. Use some cotton wool and dry the area around the wound. Shake the Repiderma can well before use. Keep the bottle at 15-20 cm from the surface to be treated. Direct the spray flow of the product on the surface to be treated until the same is covered with a green layer.



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