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SPRAY&CARE liquid for spraying

SPARY&CARE is an original liquid hoof care product which is mixed with water. SPARY&CARE can be used for both individual management of cows with claw problems and for herd management. Herd use may be carried out manually with a low-pressure spray gun when the animals are, for example, tethered at the feeding rack.

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In most cases on a dairy farm, the fight against digital dermatitis (Mortellaro) and interdigital dermatitis often involves a herd treatment in the form of a footbath filled with a foot bath solution such as our BATH&CARE. A periodic footbath can be used to make sure the animals come in contact with the product, which then adheres to the claw and begins to work.

As most dairy farmers know, the use of a footbath for individual treatments may come with a variety of problems. No existing (firmly mounted) footbath, too little space to build up the footbath (logistics), insufficient results due to the low proportion of active ingredients per claw (selective concentration of the solution) and contamination and cleaning of the footbath (time management).

Because of these issues, and as soon as the claw problems in the herd are (largely) under control, many companies are looking or switching to a more preventive method to reduce and control future claw problems individually as far as possible.

CowCare’s claw care product addresses this problem. SPRAY&CARE offers a solution that can be sprayed individually on foot mats or directly on the claw.

With the help of a low-pressure spray gun (or similar), the SPRAY&CARE (with a relatively high active ingredient content of 50% SPRAY&CARE mixed with cold water) can be sprayed individually and precisely on the claw and in the interdigital space. This nature allows direct application to a herd of dairy cows (milk robots) as well as to individual animals; for example, animals tethered in the feeding rack. Furthermore, this method is ideal for use in non-lactating dairy cows and heifers, which often do not walk through the footbath.

Product features at a glance

  • Safe for user and animals
  • Specially developed to attach on wet hooves
  • Strong adhesiveness
  • Still works after contact with manure
  • Individual and group application
  • Antibiotic free
  • Packaging: 10 litre

Instructions for use

  • Always make sure that the legs are clean of manure and mud before applying, including the interdigital space.
  • When used for spraying directly on the claw (with a low pressure sprayer), please prepare a solution of 50% SPRAY&CARE with 50% water.
  • Use a low-pressure sprayer to spray the SPRAY&CARE onto the back of each claw and into the interdigital space.
  • For the first 3 treatments, apply a 50% solution, afterwards, treat the claws on a weekly basis with a 20% solution.
  • When using in a hoof bath or on a hoof-mat, please use 1 till 2 liter of SPRAY&CARE per 100 litres of water (1 up to 2% solution). For the hoof bath and hoof-mat we also advice our other product BATH&CARE.

Did you know for an individual treatment in a hoof trimming crush, we have a hoof gel product available with the name GEL&CARE. For herd treatment check out our BATH&CARE.


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