CowCare Self-Adhesive Bandage TAPE&CARE, 10cm * 450cm, stretch, blue

CowCare TAPE&CARE (BLUE), a self-adhesive bandage developed for veterinary use and well-known for claw bandages. CowCare TAPE&CARE (BLUE) is flexible, easy to entangle, sweat and water resistant. Besides, it keeps its quality even by cold weather and provides good protection and a consistent compression.

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CowCare TAPE&CARE (BLUE), is an elastic and self-adhesive bandage (L: 450 cm, W: 10 cm) that perfectly meets the requirements of sustainable hoof care, a CowCare brand!

TAPE&CARE (BLUE) is made of a strong, lightweight and porous material which does not easily entangle but keeps its flexibility in both length and height. Even though it is self-adherent, it sticks only to itself and not to skin and hair. Through this, TAPE&CARE (BLUE) does not need to be pinned or tied and can be easily torn by hand what makes it a perfect fit for putting bandages/wraps while hoof trimming. A really easy to assemble bandage.

The used lightweight and porous material ensures movement without becoming loose providing good protection and a consistent compression. TAPE&CARE (BLUE) protects wounds, holds dressings in place and absorbs no moisture. In addition, it is sweat and water resistant.

In combination with hoof blocks (wood or Hoof-Tite) and other care products such as the CowCare DD-DELETE® Care Gel or CowCare DD-DELETE WHITE LINE® Care Gel, TAPE&CARE (BLUE) hoof tape provides the most used alternative to treat an injured claw of cows and cattle. It can also be used as a running bandage, leg wrap, tail wrap, to hold dressings and run down patches.

Recommended by hoof trimmer!

Did you know, CowCare recommends for an easy removing of bandages our CowCare Bandage Remover WrapCutter. Available in two lengths: 60cm and 120cm. The rounded tip makes it easier for the blade to slip into a wrap/bandage and cause no risk of risk to the cow and user. Further, the length of the CowCare Bandage Remover allows the farmer or hoof trimmer to work from a distance, greatly reducing the chance of being kicked or hit from the cow.

Product features at a glance

  • Color: RED and BLUE
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Elastic and self-adhesive
  • Does not stick to skin or hair
  • Provides consistent compression
  • Supports without obstructing blood circulation
  • Shock compensation for activities
  • Can easily be torn by hand
  • Easy to put on, even on the most difficult places
  • Length: 450 cm; width: 10 cm


  • Change or check bandages daily
  • Do not wrap the bandage too tight; it can cause injury
  • When used with care products, bandage must be changed and checked after 3-5 days


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