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WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® is a hoof gel care product which is developed to be used on the claws. Nowadays treatment of hoof problems such as digital dermatitis (Mortellaro), interdigital overgrowth, heel warts, etc is getting more and more important. Composition: honey, salicylic acid. Easy to apply with a dispenser.

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Through close cooperation with Finish experts, the WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® hoof gel was developed to be used in connection with the care of problems on the hoof. This product is a safe and efficient product for professional livestock care. WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® is manufactured in the developer owned manufacturing facilities in Finland.

Good claw health is one of the most significant production animal welfare factors and also a key factor for the producer. In the majority (approx. 90%) of cases, the cause of limping is in the hooves. If the animals do not move sufficiently or at all, both health- and production-related problems may arise. Acute cases must be treated quickly and efficiently.

WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® is used as a care product. We see an increase in diseases such as digital dermatitis (Mortellaro), interdigital overgrowth, interdigital skin inflammation, heel warts, etc. in the last years. For the best possible results, WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® is applied directly on the area to be treated. Then wrapped with a dressing / bandage which should be removed after 4-5 days.

In addition, this product has a fresh odour. WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® is easy and accurately applied with a dispensing gun. It is recommended to wear protective gloves during application. To avoid serious financial losses and claw problems, it is recommended to treat cows with claw problems immediately and in a hoof trimming rhythm of 2-3 times a year.

Product features at a glance

  • Made in Finland
  • Easy to use
  • Used with a dispenser – DD-DELETE dispensing gun
  • Used in dealing with claw diseases
  • Packet size: 360 g/tube
  • Composition: Salicylic acid, water, acacia honey and glycerol

Instructions for use

Trim the claws if needed. Carefully clean the area, using absorbent paper or single-use cloth. Use WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® in a warm room. Apply WHITE LINE DD-DELETE® to the area being taken care off and, if needed, protect the area with a bandage for 4-5 days. Repeat the treatment if needed.


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