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Wooden Blocks (11 cm) for Hoof Care

Accessories to provide protection and comfort to your cows for a professional claw treatment. This Wooden Block (11 cm) is used in combination with adhesive and are directly glued on the healthy claw to relieve pressure from the injured claw. For the treatment of lameness or hoof problems in cattle.

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Wooden Block (11 cm) for hoof care!

Nowadays, modern hoof care is undergoing many changes in support and improvement of a professional claw treatment. The stall floor and hoof orthopaedics conditions must be understood, then the right actions must be taken.

Here, the Wooden Block (11 cm) provide protection and comfort to your cows. Used to shift weight off lame or infected claws, allowing cows to heal faster and walk with better mobility. They are recommended by professionals and suitable for adhesive from well-known brands such as Hoof-Tite, Technovit, or others.

The combination with adhesive and the possibility to shape the Wooden Block (11 cm) makes it to an all-rounder in a lasting claw treatment.


Product features at a glance

  • Uniform and of top quality
  • Material: wood
  • Length: 11 cm
  • Position and depth of the grooves are identical
  • Can be finished with an angle grinder
  • No loose wood chips, no branches or flaws in the wood
  • Used in combination with claw adhesive
  • Good stop at the claw
  • Supports the injured claw and aids the healing process


Available in

  • 11 cm or 13 cm version (Wooden Blocks (13 cm) for Hoof Care)


Instructions for use

Trim and treat the injured claw as needed. Now, create a dry, clean and flat surface on the healthy toe to apply the block. Eject a small amount of glue and apply adhesive on the wooden block (11 cm) or claw. First, let the glue set (30 seconds) and dry (2-3 minutes) and then release cow or cattle.



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