Second-Hand Hooftrimming Crushes

Here you will have the chance to purchase used crushes at special prices.
All products have been tested and are in perfect working condition.

Second hand hydraulic hoof trimming crush 800-1 for sale

Item: Hydraulic hoof trimming crush 800-1, Trailer, Electric trolley wheel, 200-0 alloy gate system, Nissan Navara car.

Brand:  KVK

Product-ID:  (15052018KVK)

Price: Please ask for the price. We sell the whole combination and also trailer and crush seperate.

Weight: approx. 1100 kilogram

Year:  2013

Available: Directly

Location: France

Reason for sale: Client took over a dairy farm and makes his hoof trimming less.

For sale, second hand KVK 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush working on 380V, 16A. This crush is a galvanized version, and has the following functions hydraulic: front legs lifting, back legs lifting, front gate, back gate, double belly band, front gate lock, front winch, elevator, front leg fixation plates, back leg fixation plates. Equipped with a rubber floor 30 cm longer, extra cup holders, reinforced back door, metal cable holders. Further with: removable bar in back door, which means it can be used for trimming large bulls and meat cows. Extra cable reel 220V in the back, extra lifteye on top of the box. Lead in pen 200-0 connected to crush.
Accu trolley wheel 24V, made by KVK, which can be placed on the trailer. This hoof trimming crush is equipped with a fast-loading leg system. That means that the crush can stand on legs and when this is the case you can drive the trailer under it and fix the crush on the trailer. Faster loading and unloading on the farm is therefore possible. The car is a Nissan Navara 3 liter V6, from 08-2016. Automatic gear and with 43000 kilometer only.
All in good working condition. For more information and the prices, please contact your local manager or contact us by email ( or by phone/Whatsapp on 00371 2917 2713.

SOLD: Second hand catching fold, model 500-0 for sale (Demo version)

Item: Demo catching fold model 500-0 with alloy gates

Brand:  KVK

Product-ID:  (14122017KVK)

Price: Under request

Weight: approx.  500 kilogram

Year: October 2015

Available: Directly

Location: The Netherlands

For sale, demo version of the 500-0 catching fold in painted version. Gates are made from alloy. Length of the lead-in gates are 400 cm. Length of the catching fold inside is 250 cm. Weight 500 kg. This model is fited with a hand pump to hoist the chute on the wheels and a crane hook for loading and unloading the lead-in pen.
In an excellent state, has seen less then 100 cows.

SOLD – Second hand WOPA SA0051 for sale

Item: WOPA SA0051 hydraulic hoof trimming crush

Brand:  WOPA

Product-ID:  05022018SA51

Price: Under request

Weight: approx.  1150 kilogram

Year: 2012

Available: Within 4 weeks after purchase.

Location: The Netherlands

Reason why sold: Client is changing to a new Alu-Hooftrimmer
For sale, WOPA SA0051 hydraulic hoof trimming crush, heavy edition with large axle for pulling by car. The SA0051 is equipped with a list of extra options: elevator, infrared eye for front gate, heavy pulling wheel on drawbar, W fixation bar on the back bar, extra flex holders, extra spray can holders, double LED lights at the back bar, 220V and 380V engine, extra protection plates under the front leg holders, leg hooks for front legs, large alloy hook for back legs with swivel clip, extra electricity plugs 220V, higher front leg holders, large rubber belly band, large alloy gates with door on left side, anti kick frames on front door.
This crush is in a good technical condition and can directly be used for hoof trimming.
Crush is available within 4 weeks after purchasing.
More pictures availabe, just ask.

Second hand  DAF Truck wigth Pallfinger crane with hydraulic hoof trimming crush for sale [SOLD]

Item: DAF Truck wigth Pallfinger crane with hydraulic hoof trimming crush

Brand:  Ten Napel hydraulic hoof trimming crush

Product-ID:  (31082017TN)

Price: Under request

Weight: Unknown

Year: DAF truck and crane from 2004. Hoof trimming cruhs from 2014.

Available: Directly

Location: The Netherlands

Reason for sale: Client terminated his hoof trimming business
For sale complete truck/hoof trimming combination, consisting of a DAF Truck LF45.180 with Pallfingercrane PK9501 with remote control. Both from 2004. The DAF truck has 315.000 kilometer driven. Equipped with tachograph. Truck is equipped with a high pressure washer + hose reel for the water and also a hose reel for the high pressure washer. Also build on the truck is a 500 liter water reservoir. All complete with power/electricity cables.
Heating on truck for power washer.
The Ten Napel hydraulic hoof trimming crush is 3 years old with a remote control, elevator, compressor for cleaning the legs with high pressure air, ventilators for working in hot weather, watersystem, heating box, hydraulic mover on wheels, spare motor for mover and all other functions hydraulic. The hoof trimming crush is also equipped with a radio.
The hoof trimming crush comes with a seperate catching fold (consisting of seperate gates) which also can be transported on the truck.
On the left side the crush has a build on display box, where you can put products which you would like to sell to the farmers.
Very complete combination in good shape.
We can ensure transport outside the Netherlands if needed.
We have around 40 pictures of it, so if you are interested we can send you a WeTransfer file with all pictures in it.

SOLD – Second hand Hydraulic hoof trimming crush 800-1  for sale

Item: Hydraulic hoof trimming crush 800-1

Brand:  KVK hydraulic hoof trimming crush

Product-ID:  (12122017KVK)

Price: € 18995,- => With discount € 16995,-

Weight: approx.  1050 kilogram

Year: 2011

Available: Directly

Location: The Netherlands

For sale, second hand KVK 800-1 hydraulic hoof trimming crush with hydraulic functions for: front legs, back legs, front gate, back gate, double belly band, front leg fixation plates, back leg fixation plates, front gate lock, front winchup/down, front winch running, elevator.
Equipped with rubberfloor (average condition), 4 wheels for moving. Connection for gate system build on the back legs.
 We can deliver it with a 200-0 or 200-1 alloy gate system to make it complete for direct use.
 The crush has been checked. Back leg fixation motor has been replaced for a new one.
 Remarks: Both front side fixation plates are sweating oil, but this is not a problem and they work good.