A gate system needs to be connected to the chute, be fast in setup, easy to clean and easy to transport. If you are looking for a gate system which is extremely fast setup and very suitable for doing smaller herds, the Flexible Integrated Barrier is maybe the right system for you. This system fits on all ANKA PRO chutes.

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The Flexible Integrated Barrier is developed for the PRO 2.0, PRO ACCUMULATOR and PRO VARIATOR hoof trimming chutes. This system is ideal for hoof trimmers working alone and/or several farms per day.

When transporting, the gate system is connected to the hoof trimming chute. It can be packed very compact around the chute, without taking off any gates. It also fits together with the chute on the U-Trailer system. This integrated system makes loading and unloading and setup extremely fast and easy. Setup time is less then 2 minutes.

The Flexible Integrated Barrier gate system is connected to the hoof trimming chute, but in such a way that the hoof trimmer has free working space without gates being in the front.

A handy gate opening system makes fast working possible. When the chutes is getting elevated one of the side gates automatically opens itself giving free space for the hoof trimmer.

At CowCare we go two steps further then the competition. We are specialists in finding the exact model of hoof trimming chute which fits for your specific situation. Way of trimming, way of transport, cow flow, just a small part of the whole list of topics which need to be discussed when investing in a new hoof trimming chute. And seeing, working and feeling a hoof trimming chute before buying it is very important! Therefor, if you want to see the on of the hydraulic hoof trimming chutes working with this gate system in reality and/or you want to try it out, contact your personal manager or CowCare (info@cowcare.eu) directly and we will arrange it!

Product features at a glance

  • Stainless steel, easy to clean.
  • Very suitable for hooftrimmers visiting multiple farms per day.
  • Easy loading and unloading.
  • Setup in less then 2 minutes.
  • Compact transportable on the chute.
  • Efficient and fast work.
  • Low weight system.
  • Safe for animals and hoof trimmer.


  • Total length when pulled out: 290 cm
  • Inside width: 72 cm
  • Height gates: 160 cm
  • Height inside arc: 177 cm
  • Distance from back of chute: 130 cm
  • Weight: 75 kg


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