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CowCare Trolley Wheel

The CowCare Trolley Wheel is powered by a fuel engine and used for fast loading and unloading a hoof trimming crush from a trailer into the barn and out of it again. Developed by CowCare in cooperation with professional hoof trimmer.

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In the last years, CowCare experienced hoof trimming crushes becoming more and more heavy, due to an increased amount of extra functions which are more and more standard build on a chute. This makes the transportation a hoof trimming chute and placing it in a barn more and more difficult.

In regard to CowCare´s vision to develop new and more efficient products in cooperation with professional hoof trimmer, the CowCare Trolley Wheel was developed.

The CowCare Trolley Wheel works on a fuel engine motor allowing a hoof trimmer to fast load and unload its hoof trimming chute from a trailer into the barn and out of it again. The fuel engine ensures enough power when pulling or pushing the crush; as shown in the picture above.

Hence, the CowCare Trolley Wheel fulfils all requirements to push a crush on a trailer (if the angle is not too large) without any power limitations.

The CowCare Trolley Wheel can be used with all brands of hoof trimming crushes but is standardly made to work on the 650-SP2 and 800-1.

Below videos from the CowCare YouTube channel show a CowCare Trolley Wheel driving on a trailer with an 800-1 hoof trimming chute; weight 950 kilograms.

Product features at a glance

  • Ensures fast loading and unloading of a hoof trimming crush
  • Works on a fuel engine
  • Developed for transporting a crush from a trailer into the barn and out of it again
  • Can be used with all kinds of hoof trimming chutes
  • Developed by CowCare SIA


  • Gearbox: 3 forward + 3 reverse speeds
  • Quick reverser: to change the forwarding direction
  • Differential: with lock
  • Starter: recall
  • Clutch: with multiple discs in oil bath
  • Independent pto: with engagement in oil bath
  • Handlebar: mounted on silent-blocks, adjustable in height and sideways
  • Speed: 3.43 km/h
  • HP: 8.6
  • Transmission: Mechanical


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