SIA CowCare is investing in digitization and automation of resource management processes within the framework of Lavia’s Recovery and Resilience Facility Plan, Component 2 “Digital Transformation”,
2.2. Reform and Investment Direction “Digital Transformation of Businesses and Innovation”
2.2.1.r. “Creation of Full-Cycle Support for the Digital Transformation of Business with Regional Scope” Investment “Support for Digitization of Processes in Commercial Activity”


Application No. DIGI/2023/3 “Application for Digitization Grant”

LIAA Agreement No. 12.2-21/2023/11


The goal of the project is to implement the digital transformation of the company by introducing a new and customized resource management system that will automate daily work and introduce the use of new functions. As a result of the project, and increase in the level of digitization of the company’s resource management process is expected. In general, as a result of the implementation of the project, the amount of manual work will be reduced, providing the possibility to perform several functions automatically or to add them with the help of a few clicks, as well as the possibility to perform new functions that were not possible to perform at all in the existing programs will be provided.


Total project costs: 77 536.25 EUR

European Union funding: 46 521.75EUR

Duration of project implementation: 10.2023.-07.2024.

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